My Favorite Chrome Extensions

I love Google Chrome. Now that most of the staff in Shakopee Public Schools are using it, I thought I would provide a few reasons why I think it is the best browser available today. There are apps and extensions you can add to Chrome to make navigating the Internet easier and there are some pretty awesome tools too!

If you were to go to the Chrome Web Store, you can easily search and add apps. Apps are basically simple bookmarks that are displayed when you clicked the “Apps” button in the upper-left corner of your screen.

Extensions are where the magic is at. Here is a list of my favorite extensions:

Awesome Screenshot – allows you to create a screenshot in Chrome, annotate it with text and circles, then copy and paste it into an email or slideshow.

Readability – converts a webpage into a more readable view. Much easier to print or show the article to the class!

dotEPUB – in one click, you can create an EPUB file from a webpage and then students can use it in iBooks on their iPad or iPhone.

Adblock – blocks… ads? Especially the start of YouTube clips.

Toggle Comments – Lots of NSFW comments are on YouTube. This allows you to hide them.

OneTab – Ever have like 15 tabs open? Click OneTab and you condense them to one. Speeds up your computer performance!

1 click timer – nice little timer that shows up on your screen

WatchDoc – WatchDoc alerts you if a Google Doc you shared or was shared with you has been edited.