One iPad Classroom Ideas

Next year, I will have a school-issued iPad and an Apple TV so that I can wirelessly project my iPad onto my SMART board. In preparation for a 1:1 initiative, I know that this will be a great time to test apps and ideas on smaller groups of students and make this year a great year!

using-the-ipad-2i41r9qPhoto by Barbara Day via Flickr

Here are a few ideas on how to utilize one iPad in your classroom:

1.) Presentations! Show off your cool presentations you have made using cool tools such as Prezi, Haiku Deck, Keynote, etc.I like using Prezi with my Apple TV because it seamlessly plays YouTube clips and allows you to pan and zoom around using the iPad’s touch screen.

2.) Set up a wireless desktop app (such as Splashtop 2) so you can wirelessly control your computer through your iPad screen. This could allow you to write out math problems, circle key information, etc.

3.) Showcase student work. Have students create work on their desks, in their notebooks, on small whiteboards, etc. and then take picture of their work. You could then project those pictures to the class so everyone can see what is written on their work. You could import these pictures into apps such as educreations and highlight or annotate it in some way.

4.) Make it one of many stations. It may be scary, but students will treat your iPad with respect. Create 6-8 stations for your class and have one of them be at your SMART board and one of them at your iPad. Examples of an iPad station could be watching a youtube clip and answering discussion questions, playing Jeopardy (create it free here), or reviewing vocabulary using Quizlet (a free iphone app).

5.) Record a video. You could record students giving a speech (privately or publicly), record a play they create, or record a video that you create for them. Other teachers have been using their iPads to create videos to “flip their classroom” and have students watch their lectures or lessons from home so they can use

6.) Sock Puppets? Have students plan out and then create a dialogue or story using any of the following apps: Toontastic, PuppetPals, or my personal favorite – Sock Puppets. I made a dialogue between two puppets that showed different conflict resolutions methods for health class. The students were sent in the hall with their small group in order to record them.

7.) Classroom Management. I used an app called Class Dojo over the past year. While I started it late and didn’t use it much after semester 1, it was a really cool site/app! You can upload a list of your students, customize negative and positive behaviors you will document during class, and then share this data with students and parents. I also used it to randomly call on students to answer questions daily. Sometimes, I would give a “difficult student” the iPad to be in charge of randomly calling on students and then they would document if students got it right or wrong. I might need to make an entire blog entry on this site! Go here for more info.

Here is a video done by Modern Lessons that has some more ideas: