Creating Multimedia Timelines

During our Middle East Unit, I asked students to create a timeline about one of four possible events: the Isreal-Palestine Conflict, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, or Arab Spring. Students were given time in the computer lab for research and then they moved on to creating their timelines.

My favorite website of all the timeline sites out there was It was intuitive and had a lot of features. For each date, you can add a picture (uploaded or URL), video URL, event description, location (which links it to google maps), and a link for more information which students used to cite their sources. And students can share their timelines and allow other users to contribute to them.

Unfortunately, the weekend before the due date, experiences a lot of issues. The homepage had a meme timeline that would show up in the place of student’s timelines when they logged in. I received a screen shot from a parent that showed inappropriate images that were posted on the meme timeline. Even after the site was back up, many students were having difficulty adding events to their already created timelines. Many then switched to,, or

It was a great project which would have been even better without the technical issues.

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